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31.12.2019 08:21

WebTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming torrent client written completely in JavaScript by Feross Aboukhadijeh (who also created YouTube Instant) and the team at WebTorrent and on GitHub, for use in web browsers, as well as a WebTorrent Desktop stand alone version able to bridge WebTorrent and BitTorrent serverless networks.

31.12.2019 08:47

I am not an expert but keeping track of some developemnts in the space. Have you considered exploring oceanprotocol and tiesdb.

31.12.2019 12:58

If the user experience sucks decentralization means less then nothing. If you can promise censorship resistance in any other way then thats good enough for now.
Once "useful" options present themselves you can always move to decentralized storage.

"Decentralization" is just a buzz word thrown around in the space as if that somehow makes the viewing experience better or the platform superior. It doesnt. Focus on improving the user experience on 3speak and dont get caught up in vapid discussions.

31.12.2019 13:25

Have to agree. While I appreciate that you all are keeping your eyes and ears open for an absolutely truly decentralized solution. What's most important at this phase is the user experience. The market you're appealing to doesn't care about this. We're all blockchain nerds here, but NOBODY on the outside understands this stuff and they don't need to. They just want a good user experience and a place where they won't be censored or demonetized.

31.12.2019 16:36

Thank you @wehmoen for that detailed and well explained of SIA & IPFS. Inconcluaion neither SIA or IPFS is good for 3Speak video platform, but we are hope to get the best one that fit to the goal of 3Speak.

31.12.2019 14:24

Yeah it was a bummer how long it took to play in that test. I agree that that is entirely too long to upload as far as user experience. People will just go somewhere else.

I was hoping it would be an easy way to make the network more secure though.. not gonna lie. Then just use the delegated stake to encourage people to run nodes etc.
But user experience is key, and that clearly won’t work in this case.

But I do think that you need some sort of back up.. even if it’s not decentralized. Relying on one provider is just asking for trouble imo, well at least if it’s being marketed as somewhere where content creators who are losing their work on YouTube should turn to instead.

Have you explored more about torrents and how that would work?

Also, any update on the FAQs? Perhaps just removing that they are stored on blockchain would be a good start. As I said - decentralized doesn’t have to be the goal, just don’t imply that’s what’s happening and I think all is well.

31.12.2019 17:37

Great post!

31.12.2019 21:40

Have you looked at holochain, I'm not sure this is fully up their alley, but I think it might be.

31.12.2019 22:22

You might want to keep an eye on He's working on a decentralized version of MegaUpload with

31.12.2019 23:00

Thanks for the info, yeah this looks good. With everything going on with youtube it seems pretty important to store one's own content now... :(

31.12.2019 23:40

Then I requested it from another public IPFS gateway and it took almost 6 minutes for the video to start playing.

One way around this would be to break up the video into smaller pieces. Then instead of retrieving the entire file to start playing you would only need the first piece.

01.01.2020 10:00
01.01.2020 20:17

I would start with an object store which is compatible with amazon S3 and look for true decentralised options once solutions like IPFS has much more nodes, IPNS, discovery etc becomes faster. seems to be a very good (centralised ) Solutuon which can provide transcoding and handling of bit rates

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01.01.2020 10:29
01.01.2020 20:17

Great reaction to what happened. What could possibly be done is providing a service for the few content creators who want to save their video in a truly decentralized way.

This way they would pay if there is an extra cost (IPFS node) or they could wait a long time to upload it to SIA.

I am sure that the supermajority of content creators will not choose these options, but not bad to have them.

01.01.2020 11:26
01.01.2020 20:19

01.01.2020 15:53

I find the idea of decentralised storage extremely interesting but I think there still needs to be a way of curating illegal content. Could this be done in a decentralized way?

01.01.2020 21:57

Hm, it sounds like you're worried about IPFS because it doesn't meet your needs. I'm curious what needs exactly aren't met by IPFS and decentralisation. Do you mind clarifying what your needs are from this list? (link below) I'm guessing it doesn't meet your need for peace/harmony. Does that sound right?

I'm curious! (so I can address the needs directly with others who share same sentiment/worry). Here's the needs list:

05.01.2020 10:20

Application devs/engineers NEED to know more about decentralized solutions or else they'll reach for the centralization solutions they've been trained to reach for instead... We already know why we can't have good things lol... it's simply b/c we keep reaching for the centralization hammer for every problem.

I'd suggest if you wanted faster progress than learning and building a DHT yourself, then you could instead figure out how to leverage existing DHT solutions that are mature and without UX issues in their DHT design.

Webtorrent compatible with IPFS is a great example. There's already an open request!

05.01.2020 07:26
05.01.2020 07:34

Hm, do you truly believe there is a way to achieve decentralisation? I ask because I hope you put some thought into it before asking, God willing, so that you can recognise what I'm talking about! If not, I hope this inspires you, God willing.

By it's very nature, there's almost too many ways to describe how we can achieve decentralisation lol! God bless :)

The main question is, why can't we use YouTube, WebTorrent, Amason S3, etc as "pinning" services? Ultimately, we're looking for idempotency and the ability to fetch and verify data p2p. If we can achieve this with the various "centralised" solutions, we can basically bootstrap decentralisation and 3rd parties will have to play whack-a-mole to censor our information. IPFS can be a way to merge this strategy (which already technically exists) and wrap it with native p2p technologies that IPFS/Libp2p are blessed to have focused on.

Ironic how decentralisation takes advantage of the various methods of centralisation!

So there are 2 ways I know to achieve using these 3rd party backends. Both are pretty similar. The first provides information WHERE to find a specific hash and how to download it, all the information one needs to either fetch using the DHT or fetch via 3rd party (and then verify). The second instead hides the fact we're fetching via a 3rd party so our peers can fetch data as if it were in the DHT raw.

That's about all I'm going to elaborate on unless you're hella excited and motivated and inspired lol. There's much to do on IPFS towards decentralisation! Haters gonna hate but I obviously don't think you are a hater... But the CIA is all about wasting our time spinning our wheels going nowhere lol so I have to be wise with my time, God willing. Peace!

05.01.2020 10:11
06.01.2020 00:17

@wehmoen hey, I understand why you are flagging me. Because I asked for support from starkerz , I will not do that again and send my questions only by email. I'm sorry that you had to do a work because of me. I just needed support, I didn't mean to complain about you or any developer !

18.01.2020 12:40