Let's Do a Calculation Together ok?

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This is a screen I have taken from a website I will not mention only because if I do any criticism it will not affect them (I hope).

I have been leasing few thousands of SP with the hope that STEEM will skyrock and will bring me back all the money spent.

Let's do a calculation ok? Then you can answer to my question if it works well or not for me.

I have leased about 95K in SP to have a BOOST.

As you can see.. 20k of SP leased for 8 weeks will cost me about ~82 STEEM per week that x5 (to reach 100k) is about 408 Steem per week.

The idea was to use even some other system to push your posts and increase your final SP and especially to try to get a bit more SP to play with the 50% curation reward after the HF22. Everything worked well until I had to go and use only my curation reward as only form of income so for a week I didn't post anything and I have left just the curation reward working for me. After a couple of week I can see the actual figure I can get....

Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 08.27.49.png

Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 08.46.26.png

As you can see with the actual SP of ~112k I have a curation reward of 29SP/day that correspond to ~215SP/week. You will say that's amazing... but let's consider that to have this amount of SP I have spent 408Steem/week... it didn't work well for me having that amount of SP leased in some how...

Clearly mine was an investment hoping that the Crypto world was recovering within a couple of months hoping that in particular Steem would have been increasing in value and in that case for sure my investment would have come back to my pocket.

Clearly if I was doing self upvoting then I would have gained way more but with the risk that I was flagged and become into a black list... so it doesn't worth to me! I have always been a trustable user so I prefer lose this time :)

So what do you think?? Was worth spending this money?

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I gave you upvote 💯 and resteem your posting

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thanks yamgum :)

19.09.2019 13:57

I don't think so, you should also see how much time you spend curating.

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Good Point!!!

20.09.2019 11:06