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Walk Home

Walk Home

Life is a journey home
Keep on walking without knowing when evening will come
Toiling hard for the treasure will also disappear
Until the end of eternal rest is obtained in silence

Of course life is the way to go home
While arranging my provisions in a world that restrains
Why be rich but hurt a fellow traveler
Later also not be hugged tightly in the silence of the pile

In the dark, pick me up when I'm drowning
Ragaru when the night is setting
If this step in life is too despicable
Millions of apologies from me while still breathing

When the night has closed
There is a white light in my sleep
An angel apparently approached me
Whispering happiness to me
Love will always be with me

Even though the path of destiny is unknown
This angel has promised to always be with me
Forcing myself to stop the shadows hurting
Erase existing wounds
Bring happiness with me

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