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Do Not Give Up

Do not give up

Our life consists of many choices
Some are good some are bad
Don't drown in regret
Change must come slowly
Don't be too pushy for a situation
Just live it with full surrender
Take life step by step
While grateful, hoping for a blessing
Success and failure are one package
Everything is just for the test of life
Stay optimistic, don't make your heart dim
Life is too short for regret
Come out of the valley of stupidity
Pump awareness for a change
Prove yourself, show potential
Don't want to be trapped in hallucinations

We are winners, not losers
Doubt becomes a barrier
There is no mountain that cannot be climbed
Only fear can eat away
Don't talk about defeat
Makes the spirit of struggle dull
Believe in success
Even though the road is steep, there are still many obstacles
We close hope when the space of fear is given
Think about happiness
Think of something fun
Don't taint it with fear let alone doubt
Impossible is a nightmare for change
Turn on the fighting spirit
Light the fire of truth
Use it live the wheels of life

Strike your feet confidently
Don't live just for the sake of perception
Keep going to make dreams come true
Face insults with a smile in your heart
Follow what's in your heart
Clean yourself, throw away envy and envy
Close the door of hypocrisy
Open the windows of hope with a smile
Don't hesitate when you step
Make up your mind, be sure of yourself
That we can definitely get to the destination
Without hesitation or hypocrisy
Fear leads us to destruction
Don't be afraid to step
The shoulders of hope must be turned on
So that we continue to move to find a meaning in life

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