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Dawn Picks Up

Dawn Picks Up


We invite the dawn
Along with Inner Silence
pick up the light of dawn from the sun of conscience
Carrying the Self with Simplicity of Desire
But full of gratitude
If we are still trusted to fill the days on earth
As Proof That God Really Loves
With the blessings of grace that are scattered without realizing it
The delights tucked into the folds of Time

May Your Passion Be Full of Ambition
back to the Holy Fitrah
According to His wish
In harmony with Nature
and Along with the Friendly Time

Looking for Rizki without lust
Don't want to be rich, abundant wealth
But for the sake of fulfilling the responsibility
as Earth Creatures who have to eat
And for Sharing
By taking advantage of Time
Profitable under His Rida
Because we are getting closer to Him
by way of worship
Not only multiply the prayer


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