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Change In One World

Change In One World

There was no news from the morning until the day shifted the night
Restless grips can not bear the burden too deep ..

Mission pursue the day pour the pulse to find a heart that drained the fairy
I am sincerely loved on the side there is a difficult ambition that I am lepasi eel yourself in the locked ..

Why my heart space feels empty, just a longing to knock out all my logic
Pilu shackles your figure the rest of your shadow bounces off the stone wall when your breath is draining my soul ..

Honey, where are you ..?

In love you want me to end
On this heart I just put it ..

You have grasped the soul until the shin is not left to penetrate its roots
Just happy I feel when your love comes knocking suddenly ...

One promise I have one soul I'm defending
I will gifam your soul without the rest when your beautiful lips say I'm the only one ..

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