Everyone wanna Fork... on a table?

The Italian man went to a restaurant...

Waitress brought him a spoon and a knife but no fork...
Him: I wanted a fork...
Her: everyone wanna fork..
Him: You no understand, I wanna fork on the table.
Her: You better not fork on the table you son of a b*tch..

** Start at 0:35

It's been such a topic since yesterday started with SOFT FORK 0.22.2 announcement.

If you're as dumb as me you would ask @adetorrent on instagram 'Is soft fork the same fork as you talked about before?'


The truth is, not just my voice but me as a whole, honestly #lol

The #steem fork #tron or #tron fork #steem thing

Some witness has already resigned
Some wouldn't support the fork but a lot will
@justinsunsteemit has already made move

>>> SOFT FORK 0.22.2 <<<


Me: Keep an eye / ear open and hope...
You better not fork on the table you son of a b*tch..

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24.02.2020 21:18

lol Thanks! First ever pocket token :D

24.02.2020 21:22

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03.03.2020 11:30

Some like it soft. Remember that.

24.02.2020 21:21

Your ex

24.02.2020 21:22

24.02.2020 21:32

What The Fork did I just read ???? 😂😂

24.02.2020 22:22


!giphy fork

24.02.2020 22:29

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

24.02.2020 22:29