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Currently blockchain technology is not a new thing anymore and is starting to be accepted in the community. In fact, blockchain technology has also begun to be integrated into various existing sectors. This certainly provides an opportunity for new blockchain startups to give us something new. This time I will write a project that will use blockchain technology for a multifunctional platform.

What is Billcrypt?
Billcrypt is a multi-functional Blockchain integration system of representative offices of companies, professional communities, specialists and products. For Investors, this will be the most understandable and illustrative structure, which allows, by looking at the Virtual Image (Virtual image Part — ViP), to quickly and reliably evaluate the represented businesses, and make profitable investment decisions. For ordinary users, this will be the easiest and most reliable way to select specialists, services, products.
Billcrypt introduces a new concept of the universal daily beneficial use of the blockchain that will make the blockchain usable for everyone.
• BR — Blockchain Representation
• ViP — Virtual image Part (Part of the virtual image)
• IVO — Initial ViP Offering


With the features and services provided by BILLCRYPT, it allows many things to be done by users on the platform.
• Can do activities related to the blockchain.
• Make a blockchain representative
• Create a BR group for various products, services, and business lines.
• Monetize ViP
• Tokenize business
• Create digital assets
• make additional financial flows for the business.
• advertise business.
• conduct crowdsales for business.
• conduct a new intra-platform view of crowd sale - IVO (Initial ViP Offering);
• create an investor base.
• find and attract investors, consumers, and interact with them.
• get reliable information for investors.
• make the right investment decision.
• participate in crowdsales and closed rounds.
• makes it easy for developers to create and manage BR.
• and many other things users can do.

 Token information :


Token distribution :

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  1. Evgeny Kulikov , Founder & CEO BILLCRYPT Head of Private Investors Group Rich-Invest
  2. Management Team Lead by an experienced investor private group leader
  3. Siarhei Lutsenka , Director of Business Development
  4. Daniel Grieg , Managing Director , Tech Teams' Coordinator
  5. Zahid Imran , Investment banker , Top Advisor , ICO Expert , Representative in the UAE

You already know how powerful and innovative this platform is.
BILLCRYPT is able to present an environment where people can build their "virtual office", which makes it easier for investors and ordinary users to choose and sort the products and services that suit them.
BILLCRYPT is a platform that makes blockchain more useful and easily understood by others - make business one level higher.

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Eth Address : 0xaB5F726e35a5ABe63651F79D51dd6CBA88e22D98

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