Hello everyone, good night for this opportunity, I will introduce you to all the AIGO projects.

Blockchain technology is growing rapidly where many industries have entered and more competition and new ideas continue to emerge and make the name Blockchain increasingly popular in today's blockchain technology has become very phenomenal in this time there are many people who enter this field. there are so many new platforms that have entered there is a new project called AIGO.

what is AIGO?

AIGO is an e-commerce platform that functions to rebuild the payment space with flexibility and ease of use of credit cards for blockchain technology. The AIGO team is developing a complete payment system for the needs of everyone in the business world. the more transaction-level the AIGO team makes a fast and safe payment option. AIGO is also designed to meet the needs of both parties to transact without an AIGO intermediary facilitating the transaction process using cryptocurrency digital currency to facilitate online and trade transactions.


AIGO vision and mission
AIGO will make fiat cryptocurrency more smoothly and make it easier for users to conduct transactions normally and quickly AIGO directly makes digital currency to become the main payment tool because cryptocurrencies can transact directly with traders without having to go through additional banking layers. By promoting protocols for high and large transaction volume industries. AIGO also has the potential to create business opportunities and create services to SmartContract and will contribute to advancing the AIGO ecosystem AIGO services are not limited to credit facilities, insurance, transactions, and arbitration and others this is an AIGO team's idea to create ecosystems and hope the AIGO team can make users/partner fully believes in the AIGO system going forward because trust is the main key to the success of a project AIGO team will try to make partners easier to do online transactions without restrictions and without being affected by fiat. AIGO's team also hopes that this platform can be used by millions of people around the world. AIGO's system also allows users to buy an item automatically without the need to be confirmed from the center without the need for a long time. interesting from other platforms the AIGO team created very unique ideas that users can pay with fiat currencies like (USD, EUR and CNY) AIGO's advantages every time you make a transaction will be charged a fee where there is a more point that will make your transaction valuable every transaction you will get an AIGO token and you can exchange it for cashback items you want on e-platform AIGO commerce is created to make it easier for users to make transactions and also enough bonuses and promotions to discount the prices of goods on the AIGO platform.



sales of AIGO tokens have been done on the Vindax Exchange, quite a lot of people are enthusiastic about buying AIGO tokens on the Vindax. You can follow the IEO on the Vidax exchange with the conditions to pass the fee for 1 AIGO Tokens: 0.002 USD (Pre-Sales) & 0.003–0.005 USD (Selling -Time) The period of sale of tokens: 30 days with the possibility of automatic initial completion in pursuit of ICO final objectives Expanded objectives after the start of ICO: Not possible Technical limits to tokens: 1,000,000,000 Emission can be adjusted: All unsold and unloaded tokens will be destroyed and additional release of tokens will not be possible Safe way to buy tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USD Tether (USDT) Hardcap: Softcap: $ 3,000,000 $ 500,000

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