Guma Valley Water Dam - Freetown

This is the main Dam, from where water is supplying to the whole city.

The water supply in Freetown is in a critical situation. It relies mainly on the only source - the Guma dam - more than 90% of Freetown's total water supply comes from the Guma dam and the Guma water treatment plant. The Guma Dam was built in the early 1960s and is designed for the reliable water supply of about 800,000 people. At present, the population of Freetown is well over 2 million.


We have been informed that there are several holes on the ground. No one knows, what the purpose of them was. If you know, please write in the comment box below.

First time I saw the earth womb with that much size. It’s really amazing!

Interesting facts in this video:
Silent place, Guma valley dam
Very long “Earth Womb” you have ever seen
Story of the snake
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