Help I have been scammed!

This is a quick post. As I have said on a previous post, I have been doing some airdrops to get access to tokens that are been launched into the crypto space. Many of these coins are shitcoins or scam coins in the long run. It is a dog eat dog world out there in the airdrop, ICO sales and bounties world.


The first lesson I learnt when I started doing the tasks to get in on any airdrop was to never share my wallet keys with anyone. The second lesson was to never chat with any stranger outside a project telegram group. The third lesson was to avoid links that cannot be guaranteed as secure or sincere.

Today I broke the three rules and I did it for nothing. As you well know Binance Smart Chain is in the limelight on recent times for their cheaper liquidity pools, swaps and rewards for staking. The fees are cheaper compared to Etherum.

OREO, a BEP20 coin did an airdrop and I could not find the coin in my trust wallet as expected. The issue was that these new coins are not recognized in the trust wallet until they are manually attached through adding their smart contracts in the add custom token option.

I had previously added the token through the above method. When I didn't see my airdrop coin,I felt I had done something wrong so I deleted what I had done and decided to ignore it. Today I was busy with airdrops as usual and I came upon the coin's telegram group. I decided to ask around for assistance.

An account contacted me pretending to be the Oreo help desk. Now immediately I saw the chat, I had red flags but I was zoned out. I was totally absorbed inside my head that I was not paying attention to what was going on around me. I had like a thousand things going on both off and online.

Soon I found myself in a so called site, a site supposedly meant to link my wallet to OREO. Again I had the bells ringing in my head yet I went ahead. I did the confirmation using my recovery phrase. You can imagine! Like how dumb can I get?

The moment I got back to my trust wallet, I began to worry. In all of these the fellow was still chatting with me. Right before my very eyes, the transfer of the little bnb I had worth 14$ was transfered out of my wallet. It was stunning.

The weirdest part was that the dude insisted that he had no hand in the crime right up to the moment that I stopped replying his messages. The most painful part of it all is that the BnB was given to me so I can afford the gas fees necessary for almost every transaction on the Binance Smart Chain.

I could not cry and it still feels unreal. I thought I was knowledgeable enough to avoid the pitfalls of crypto. It is obvious that I am not. I am lucky though because I have sold all my Juld in the wallet. If I had not, I would have felt it.

I have created another trust wallet and I also have a metamask wallet. We move. I have also changed the address of some pending airdrops so it doesn't go to the corrupted account.

You might have opinions about what happened but there are some things that you can take out of this

  1. It is good to know all that is needed to know about Crypto.
  2. Always protect yourself from phishing links by ignoring them.
  3. I need to make money so I won't need to pursue thieves all over the place.

Everybody who witnessed or hears about my escapade this evening is sympathetic. I on the other hand needs to make some money.

I prayed for the dude and wished him well even as he denied it. I don't have an airdrop or an account. We move though.

I am writing this because it is my hope that someone will learn from this and not make the same mistake. Be careful out there.

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