Soldiers beating at our hiding,
We are hiding from the guns beating at our silence.
Our hearts beat but the song they sing is crying
And the tears fall soft but they drown our night rest.
Do you think you know these lines?
Do you ever wonder why?
Do you wish you could deny it – that we fall like seeds
And plant our heads like ostriches.

Kodak pictures busy capturing lightning,
The wind, it storms, it rages, I swear it.
Naked children run screaming, dying
And the mothers torn, they sit, they stare ahead.
Do you think you can rewrite this?
Do you think you can pretend it never happened?
Do you feel the sun, its rising?
It is coming late – the sea has drowned the earth.

Oh contorted bodies, dying.
Oh, sons and daughters crying.
Oh nations in black and ashes, mourning.
Oh soldiers in khaki green, groaning.
Oh fires breathless, burning
And like so we are fading slow, silently
Like the dew that creeps across the morning.
Do you hear our wail in the silence?
Can you speak this truth when the sun rises?


warpedpoetic, 2019

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