Are you a man?

*With a flower in her hair,
A mic in her hand,
And her suit all angles and planes,
She pushed her perfumed breath at me,-
Are you a man?*
*I arose in anger,
Swelled with pride and took her by the waist,
I dragged kisses from her lips
And squeezed moans from her breasts
But the moans were mine
And her lips smiled, her question still there,-
Are you a man?*
*I showed her my name,
The grandeur of my family line,
The power of my will
And she laughed, titillating my ears,-
What is in a name?
She told me hers and my ego trembled.
Her words echoed in my head,-
Are you a man?*
*Anger fed me pride and
I showed her my awards and titles,
My wealth and power,
But she shook her head sadly
And she showed me hers,
Much more trinkets than i
Would ever dream of having.
She smiled and asked me again,-
Are you a man?*
*I showed her my scruffy beard
And the hairs on my chest.
She touched my chest
And rubbed her hands over my face,
She felt the palm of my hands
And palmed the oiled texture of my beard,-
So soft, so tender, she asked in wonder
This time,- are you a man?*
*I was desperate.
I had nothing left to show so
I unzipped my pants and
My flaccid member I pulled out.
She eyed it and smiled,
She held and squeezed and she said,-
We are back here again as always.
Show me then that you are a man.*
*I did my best, I tell you,-
I huffed and puffed, I sweated,
Rose and fell, rose and fell
But her fire never banked
And her smile never emptied.
Before darkness took me,
I saw her smile in the darkness,
Her lips parted, her teeth white,
Her gums pink in the half moon light,-
You are but a boy, my dear,
A boy playing at being a man.*
*As darkness consumed me,
A passing thought came to me
And I asked,- are you a woman?
She laughed titillating my ears,-
No my dear, I'm a goddess
And she drew on her cigarette
And her perfumed breath smothered me
And rocked me to sleep even as
Her question unanswered followed me,-
Are you a man?*


©warpedpoetic, 2019.

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06.10.2019 22:58

I feel contradicted... I wonder, am I a man? This was so mellow and humanish. Contradictory even but in the most beautiful of ways ūüĆļ

Posted using Partiko Android

07.10.2019 04:41

Hmmm, i feel you. It is not a question even i can answer sometimes. What makes a man, a man besides his manhood? In these changing times, this question becomes more difficult to answer as the lines get blurred. One day, maybe being human would be enough and the diversiveness of gender would fade

07.10.2019 05:04

For me it's because I love humanity more than I would gender. If you are human and I mean a human not these robotic beings, then me and you are good. Whatever else the society brands is none of my worries. Sigh. It's confusing.

07.10.2019 05:24

It can be confusing truly.

07.10.2019 21:08