What is the Main Purpose of Life?

When asked about the purpose of life, I have to say that there are as many answers as there are people. Life is for all of us different because we are all different.

I am not talking about one person having a bigger or a different perspective on the main purpose of life than another, because it is none of their business. What I am talking about is someone being able to define their thoughts and take a look at their life and say "I know that for me what is the main purpose of my life."

In this type of thinking a person is more relaxed about what they have in their life. Because they are more open-minded they are also able to look for possibilities that are a gift that we all need. So take a look at yourself and decide for yourself if you can define your life's purpose.

For me, the main purpose of my life is to be able to make a difference. I like to think of the main purpose of my life as living my life in a way that has a positive impact on other people.

It is with that attitude that I was able to raise a family, do all the things that I love to do, and live an incredible life. The whole purpose of my life was to contribute in some way to improving the lives of other people.

It is when you are able to focus your energy and efforts on making a difference in the everyday life of another person that is where you really start to understand the main purpose of life. You have no idea what your life will become because it is so unknown. But at least you know that you have made a difference in someone else's life.

So take a look around and find out what is the main purpose of your life and see what it is that you are trying to do. If you are finding out that you do not know it or that you need help figuring it out then seek professional help.

If you are good at making a difference in the lives of others then you have just fulfilled the purpose of your life. Every time you have a negative thought remember what you did yesterday and think about how you have come closer to creating the positive change that you wanted to make in your life.

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