28 short tales in 28 days. #3 the girl who never cries

It was always like that, since she was born, her self-sufficiency at first seemed a passing thing but over time we realized that it is part of her personality. The girl never cries.

At school she does not call the teacher if a child pulls her hair or pinches her, she simply does not feel like it and returns the offense. The little girl knows how to defend herself, the girl does not cry.

Once he fell in love with a boy of his kind but he was not interested in reciprocating his love, the girl simply did not insist and assumed that there are other fish in the sea and continued playing despite the disappointment of love. The girl does not cry.

And although I am far from her from the sky I carry with me the handkerchief where I dried her last tear when I said goodbye to my girl ... the one who does not cry.

Carlos D. Pérez Guerrero / @waraira777

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