28 short tales in 28 days. #28 Dreams of slavery

Since our beloved leader announced the good news I have not been able to sleep, I have followed in every social network every information and news about the launch of a new smartphone: the Maple X4. I can't let my friends see me with the old X3, I'm embarrassed to have such an old and old-fashioned team, can you believe it, one year with that scrap?

I have everything ready, coat, hot coffee, tent and the heart that leaves my chest of such excitement. I do not think I can sleep, I will be at the foot of the entrance tonight, I want to be the first to buy it, I worked so much, a Exact year since I acquired the X3 version that I can't wait to have the beautiful X4. Can you believe that smartphone is a millimeter larger than the previous one? Woooouuu !!!!!, and the photos are equally clear but with more emoticons to add and that my friends see how cool I am.

I already want to see my selfies and the envy face of my friends at school, it will be me who has it first, I did everything to have it, walk stinky dogs, clean dishes, do medication tests and many other activities that I do not want to remember , but it is time, the leader asks us to have it, rather he asks me to buy it and I cannot disappoint it. I live for Maple and for the Leader and X4 will be my new holy bible. Amen.

Carlos D. Pérez Guerrero / @waraira777

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