28 short tales in 28 days. #26 Cosmic beings

They went from planet to planet looking for a place to live, where to grow and multiply. First they parked on a planet with many rings, perceived it too gaseous, impossible to inhabit, then saw a planet of dry and cold clay color, settled for a while but they ran out of water. Nothing to do, you have to do the luggage again, collect everything and take the course to the next world.

They headed their way towards that beautiful blue planet, from afar it looked like a beautiful blue marble, as if it were made entirely of Sapphire. On the other hand, it is accompanied by another small planet, white and with holes everywhere but with a special appeal: its light.

They reached the great blue sphere, they saw that it had a lot of water, green lands, deserts, snow, mountains, plains and especially life. This will be our new home, it will be heavenly beings, those who like to feel cold headed north, others preferred the hot weather of the tropics. They scattered across the great sapphire, sailed it, walked it, built their houses there, made families, grew and multiplied. Cosmic beings became human.

Carlos D. Pérez Guerrero / @waraira777

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