28 short tales in 28 days. #22 The girl

Everything is ready for the exchange: one million dollars for the girl, her father will deliver it tonight. The girl is sedated and locked up, she has never seen me because since the kidnapping she is blindfolded, there is no way that the "work" fails.

I do not know how old she is, it is not relevant, her father is a multimillionaire industrialist is known for solving their problems with money and without police.He did not hesitate to agree to the agreement, the cash, only 100 bills, unmarked, he knows that I am not playing, if he does not meet he will never see the girl again.

The girl is tied, she no longer cries so much, she senses that her stay in the "hole" will end, her daddy will arrive to rescue her. Blindfolded, does not stop asking for water, the darkness of the room envelops the environment, you have to prepare it for delivery, tonight in the park behind the abandoned factory in the north of the city.

I must untie the girl, keep asking for water, the time is approaching, her father's limo is about to arrive at the meeting place; The girl is thirsty, I go in to give her some water, I go into the dark room, I turn on the light, she is blindfolded, I untie her hand and give her the liquid, the girl drinks it, then as a reflection the bandage rises a little , free one eye and look at my face, time stops.

The money arrived at the meeting place, the girl did not.

Carlos D Pérez Guerrero /@waraira777

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