28 short tales in 28 days. #13 The vegan cannibal

Two months ago the doctor recommended me to follow the vegan diet, since then as I miss human flesh, it was precisely he, my doctor, the last dish I tasted before assuming the consumption of vegetables.La verdad es que tuve que comerlo a él porque era el último ser vivo que quedaba en la tribu, desde hace algunos años la población ha venido disminuyendo en la misma medida que aumentaba mi gusto por las barbacoas y estofados.

I remember family barbecues, a delight, every year we ate a family member, that nice days those, a grandfather's thigh for Uncle Mo, an arm for my sister Ki, my back for my mother, anyway, A family reunion in every way. Last year was the last one, only my grandmother and I attended, although it was not the same, the old woman did not taste good, it must be because of how bitter she was. I preferred to be eaten by bugs.

As I am the last one left in the tribe there is no way to follow my human diet, a shame, it was a delight. Now I must consume carrots, tomatoes, potatoes or the horrible spinach and the unpleasant broccoli, the bad yoke that invented them must have been quite perverse to give them such a horrible flavor.Every day I look at the stars and ask them with fervor to visit some National Geographic explorers and photographers to return to my favorite diet ....

Carlos Daniel Pérez / @waraira777

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