28 short tales in 28 days. #11 crossing the river

Yes, life is hard there on the other side of the river, the truth is that you can not say life but "process of extinction" like the candles of the cathedral the system is consuming you until leaving you without dignity but with many debts and hours of work in exchange for a few coins. I leave the land of green bills, I kiss my mother, I take her tears in my luggage, I also take the sadness of my beloved Rosita and her portrait in my wallet, I promised to come for her.

Two months ago I left my house, my neighborhood, taking refuge among the bushes, in the corners of the streets, shelter my clothes, pillow my backpack and bed the floor, so is the life of wet back always thinking of a good future while suffering in the present. My bed, after my mother's meal and Rosita's tender gaze is what I miss most, I am desperate to know that they are having a hard time because of my decision to cross the river, but there is no going back, I need to give a decent life to my mother and a beautiful house with patio and flowers where Rosita and I live happily ever after.

I am already on the river bank, I am a good swimmer but the strength of the intimidating current, it does not matter to try, on the other side is the promised land, on this side hell only separates me from my dream this huge brown current I can almost see the big skyscrapers, houses with gardens as green as your money, hot dogs and hamburgers, I can see the life that awaits me .... Rosita, do not despair love, I will soon go for you.

Carlos D Pérez Guerrero / @waraira777

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