Hey There Everybody !

Atlarge and finally i am here on steem. Doing so many tries, learning so much on the google and i think loosing my password two to three times i am now here on Steemit ! (Laughing).

Never came this much happy before, it is indeed much difficult than getting laid for the first time. Like you do all the stuffs to impress a girl and after doing so much she says stop we can't do it right now i will let you when we will do it.

by the way thank you again Steem it. For creating such a secure environment.

Love you all. Its my first post don't know how you guys or girls will react or may be thought what the hell is this.

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thanks steemit

16.10.2019 03:04

Welcome to the community!

Download the Partiko app below to start earning Partiko points which can be converted into Steem.

Start here - https://partiko.app/referral/jmehta

16.10.2019 10:46

really is this true

16.10.2019 12:14

Yes it is :)

When you earn Partiko points, this cab be converted into Steem :)

16.10.2019 13:04

what i have to just download the app or i have to share something there

17.10.2019 02:39

What i have to just
Download the app or i have
To share something there

                 - waqasashraf

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

17.10.2019 02:39

whats that

17.10.2019 03:49

Download the app, and you earn points for every comment, post and upvote you do. These points are then converted into Steem.

17.10.2019 13:33

okey. thats good.

18.10.2019 03:14