There's no way to lose at BetTronLive in Playing Lambo Dice Game: Rather earning more Rake tokens



These days, hundreds, thousands of tokens have been released in the crypto currency world. It has different use cases, features, higher or even lower supplies to that said tokens. It has also different mission/vision to that project. But there's one thing best in common- the hope to win and run a successful project you're handling or a project that you're into in. Everyone likes that, right? That's the main goal and a top priority for everyone whose been a part of the project.The same goes with the RAKE TOKEN.

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Well, let's take a closer look about RAKE TOKEN:

·It is a TRC-20 token.
·Good news is only 100,000,000 tokens will be minted and it would never be increased .
·It gives players a hundred percent freedom to transfer between each other, such an amazing blockchain technology right? It gives you a no stress and always a part of being one of the adapters of blockchain techonology.
· Will be traded on several decentralized exchanges such as DDEX and more exchanges they want RAKE TOKEN to be listed
· We can also store on hardware wallets. Hardware wallets that supports the TRON blockchain for example a Nano S or even a Trezor. How safe it is? As long as you have all the informations and other private things needed to be kept,then you're totally safe and sound.
·Users can also store tokens on the third-party wallet BetTronLive offers.
· To add up, players don't need to run software or hardware to mine RAKE.

You can create your TRON wallet so you can start playing at BetTronLive Platform.

First, you need to create TRX that supports TRC-20 in order to be compatible for our RAKE tokens.
Second, Please save your private key in a safe place. Save it whereever you want but never lose it.
Third, You have to download TronLink, must add Chrome Extension.
Next, import your TRX wallet using the private key that you're using in the TronLink.
Then, be sure to add a wallet name and your chosen password.
Lastly, in order to participate and play in BetTronLive, you have to send TRX in your wallet since it is the currency that needs to use at BetTronLive. Currently, TRONs price is under 200 satoshi and is rank number 13 at the Coin Market Cap. Also TRON listed in more than 100 crypto currency exchanges such as BINANCE, OKEX, DDEX, HITBTC, LATOKEN AND etcetera. Anyway you can visit this link
on where to buy TRX in order to start playing the Lambo Dice At BetTronLive Platform.

Now, are you ready to play? Enjoy playing Lambo Dice game but you have to be aware the and get ready about the functions of the LAMBO DICE GAME!

–MULTIPLIER (It's where you put your desired bet amount for the number of TRX you want to win, for example you want to bet 40 TRX and your chosen multiplier is times 3 or 4, then it will simply be credited once your bet that favor in your way.)

–WIN ODDS (it is number of percent of your chance of winning your betting place.)
– FOMO POT (It must have the minumum of 300 TRX in such a way you're qualified to join and WIN the FOMO POT. When you bet 300 TRX or more and the timer stops upon betting and you're were the one being pointed at the timer then take the pot, it is your day! You will be the winner. Congratulations.
–ROLL UNDER X (it gives you the chance to choose a designated number between 8-89 and you can change directly to place your bet.
–ROLL DICE (Just simply click that button in order the dice to be rolled and have a good luck upon rolling and betting.
–RAKE BALANCE ( the number of RAKE tokens you have and it is when you bet your RAKE tokens, either to win or to lose, you can still receive RAKE tokens upon rolling the DICE (and that's the mined rake) so there's no way to lose this game. Rake tokens will be yours if the bet isn't in your favor.
–AUTO ON/OFF (basically known as Nitro Roll.The dice will keep in rolling when you click the "AUTO ON" not unless you click the "AUTO OFF" Then that's the time you're going to relax on your betting stage or if don't have balance, it would be automatically set the turn off.

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Hope you've learned something from this article. Hope to write soon!

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There are so many things to love with the BetTronlive ecosystem and central to this all is RAKE tokens. I totally agree with you when you said that there are thousands of tokens in the crypto space most of them are vaporware that do not have any application where they are used. Unline many others RAKE has specific use and limited supply making it a potentially explosive digital asset in terms of its value.

04.08.2019 08:45

Thousands of cryptocurrencies but I'm sure RAKE TOKEN will lead all crypto's

05.08.2019 06:12