HEllo IM BACK AFTER 2 YEARS, it is just a beginning of my story

Hi and hello, so here i am back to steemit after almost 2 years didnt active.

Well actually im having a hard time through these years because i broke my shoulder and ankle. Sad 😕. Luckily im still being a normal person without having any disabilities.

The main point is i want to share on how i gain my weight. This is kinda sad tho like seriously. I gained almost 20kg and make me looks bad and unhealthy like for god sake im so demotivated and depressed.

I struggle very hard to get my ideal wight and this is just a beginning. I will tell the story later on how i lost my weight and get my ideal bodyweight back WITHOUT TAKING ANY SUPPLEMENTS !AA9E775F-EF67-4E0D-9ED6-AECD3BF51D25.jpeg

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