the unique scenery of tianshan mountain

the unique scenery of tianshan mountain

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Tianchi scenic area to tianchi as the center, forest, grassland, snow mountains as one, visible lake light smoke dance, forest covered with white, forming a unique scenery characteristics.

The nanshan pasture in urumqi, about 40 kilometers from the city, has beautiful scenery and cool weather, making it a favorite summer resort for urumqi people.

Tianshan grand canyon scenic spot is located in the southern suburb of urumqi, located in the north slope of the middle section of tianshan mountains, between bogda peak and tiangeer peak, with beautiful scenery.

Chrysanthemum terrace scenic spot, located in urumqi county, is located at the northern foot of kalauu chengshan, a branch of the southern tianshan mountain. Chrysanthemum terrace is a large area of golden chrysanthemums growing in spring and summer.

Wulastai scenic spot is located in poplar gully in the west of nanshan pasture in urumqi. It is a "grassland in the sky" with uncanny craftsmanship of nature.

Baiyang gully scenic spot is located in the mountain area at the northern foot of kalawu mountain in the tianshan mountain in the south of urumqi. It has towering snow peaks, undulating mountains, lush trees, and water springs.

Changji hosbulake, meaning yuanyang spring in kazakh.Located on the Northern Slope of tianshan mountain, hosibulak scenic spot is located in erdaoxui village, changji what township. The scenic spot contains snow mountain glaciers, mountain grasslands, dense forests, exotic flowers and grasses, as well as a wide variety of wild animals.

Hutubikang shimeng scenic area is located in hutubi county.The longest Jurassic mountain range in China, the karazzu mountain, where the mountain is located, was formed during the Himalayan orogeny 70 million years ago and is known as the "tianshan geographic corridor".

Rock carvings in shimeng scenic spot of kangjia are rare in China and the world.Located in the tianshan hinterland of hutubi county, changji prefecture, on the cliff of the confluence of two mountain streams

Tasi river scenic spot is located in tasi river township, manas county, more than 40 kilometers away from the county seat, the two Banks are red luoji mountain, surrounded by spruce, beautiful quiet scenery.

The valley is rich in aspen and shrubbery.The hillside is covered with thick grass.The sky is blue and the grass is green. The environment is very beautiful.

Shawan county lujiao bay scenic spot, located in the northwest slope of tianshan mountain, 80 kilometers southwest of shawan county, xinjiang, is the breeding place of the red deer in tianshan mountain.Is a collection of snow mountain landscape and forest grassland as one of the multi-level tourist resort.

Shawan east datang for the tianshan mountains.Here the road winding back, steep mountains, valleys, thousands of peaks unexpectedly show, towering trees,

springs of grass green, flowers and birds.In summer, it is not only a summer pasture with abundant water and grass, but also a summer resort

Bayingou wulastai scenic spot is located in bayingou pasture, usu city, 60 kilometers away from usu city, flat terrain pleasant climate, beautiful natural scenery.The wulastai grassland is the most beautiful place of bayin gully.

Dushanzi grand canyon, located in the southwest of dushanzi, the canyon is more than 200 meters deep, with nearly vertical cliffs on both sides. The color is mainly gray and black, with dense grooves and numerous gullies, giving people a desolate beauty.

More than 40 kilometers away from wusu city, there are two famous tourist and leisure attractions and hot springs at the entrance of usu taofu scenic spot. Both of them are located at the northern foot of elien habilga mountain, a branch of tianshan mountain, and the water comes from the snow water of tianshan mountain.The same mountain system, the spring water out of a cold and hot, this is the magic of nature.

Duku highway, the most beautiful landscape avenue in China, stretches 561 kilometers from dushanzi to kuqa. It is the most beautiful and dangerous highway in China.

Aibi lake is located at the northern foot of brokonu mountain, a branch of the tianshan mountains, the southwest edge of junggar basin, and 35 kilometers north of jinghe county. It is the largest saltwater lake in xinjiang.

In recent years, water has been gradually diverted from bortala, jinghe and kuitun rivers into aibi lake to protect the surrounding ecological environment.

Serimu lake was called "jinghai" in ancient times. In the north tianshan mountains within the territory of bole city, close to huocheng county, yili prefecture,

it is a mountain lake with beautiful scenery.The appearance of the lake is similar to that of sapphire. The grass slope of the lake is covered with colorful wild flowers. The beautiful white swans are playing in pairs on the lake.The fresh air and cool climate make it a good place to escape the heat

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