The Brahmaputra, the highest river

Northeast after turning southward, after luo yu area leaves the border and flows into India, it is renamed Brahmaputra river, after flowing through Bangladesh, it is renamed jamuna river, which meets the Ganges river in its territory and empties into the bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean.With a total length of 2,104 km, the river in Tibet is 2,057 km long, with a total drop of 5,435 meters.
The average slope is the highest of all major rivers in China.The basin is long and narrow from east to west, with a maximum length of more than 1,450 kilometers from east to west and a maximum width of 290 kilometers from north to south. The average elevation is about 4,500 meters.West high east low,
the southeast lowest.The total area of the river basin is 240, 480 square kilometers, accounting for 20% of the total area of all river basins in Tibet and 40.8% of the total area of the outflow river system in Tibet, ranking the fifth among all river basins in China.
The yarlung zangbo river in Tibet has a total length of 2 057 km and is divided into three sections: upstream, middle and downstream.
Upstream reach.The upper reaches of the yarlung zangbo river are from jie mayang zongqu to lizi, the main source of the yarlung zangbo river. The river length of the upper reaches is 268 kilometers, accounting for 13% of the total length of the yarlung zangbo river. The catchment area of the upper reaches accounts for 1% of the total area of the river basin.The elevation ranges from 4,530 to 5,590 m, with a drop of about 1,060 m.The valley morphology of the upper reaches is of plateau wide valley type,
The middle reach.The section from lizi to meilin county is about 1,340 km long, accounting for 65% of the total length of the Brahmaputra river, and the catchment area in the section accounts for 68% of the total area of the whole basin.The water surface drop is 1 200 meters, and the elevation of the riverbed is 4 600 ~ 2 800 meters.The main tributaries into the reach are duxiong zangbu, nianchu river, Lhasa river, niyang river,

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