the beautiful Guangfu mountain

the beautiful Guangfu mountain

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Guangfu mountain to hanzhong city, shaanxi province, 70 km, the main peak 2500 meters above sea level, magnificent vast, complex terrain, mountain peaks, beautiful peaks, deep caves, mountains and springs, clouds steaming fog around, the magnificent scenery.The ancient rare animals and plants are the most famous mountains in China and were listed as key scenic spots by the provincial government in 1993.In January 2004, it was approved as a national key scenic spot by the state council.

Guangfu mountain is a magical and beautiful natural landscape.It is represented by beautiful and peculiar peaks, lush forest vegetation as the keynote, set xiufeng strange stone, cliff valley, stream waterfall pool, the original forest as one, can be summarized as "peak", "stone monster", "valley", "water show", "mountain green" five.There are five scenic spots, namely taoyuan, dam, dajiangkou, shenmen and xiaowu gorge, with more than 360 main scenic spots.Scenic spot beautiful scenery, step to change scenery, strange peak forest, trench crisscrosses, valley you gorge, waterfall beads, ancient trees towering, red leaves thousands of miles.

Biological gene bank

Guangfu mountain is an important gene bank of daba mountain.Its natural landscape is unique, animal and plant resources are very rich.Plant a "living fossil" ice age - the landscape green bar starts, 400000 mu of forests is a natural barrier of northern sichuan, vegetation coverage above 98%, a species more than 2300 kinds, the yew tree fern, red birch, wood sand, liriodendron, even the incense tree, ginkgo and other rare trees amounted to more than 20 species, more than 1700 kinds of ginseng, ganoderma lucidum and other precious medicinal materials.There are 26 orders, 61 families, 195 species of wild animals, including leopard, macaque, black bear, civet cat, Wolf, bristles sheep, red fox, giant salamander and other 25 species of rare animals under state protection.Splash-belly fish, herons, deer, lynx and other 18 provincial protected animals.

Guangfu mountain is a rich cultural treasure house.Ecological culture is beautiful and strange.Longjia yanyun, bashan back brother, guangfushan Buddha and other subtle and lifelike landscapes are gradually becoming important domestic tourist destinations for "spring mountain flowers, summer landscape, autumn red leaves, winter ice hanging".Splendid historical culture, rice trail across the scenic area, north and south, is the ancient central plains to bashu, han xin night go Korea springs, britons station troops han queen cell, zhuge liang now mustering seeks activation of ruins faintly visible, such as bashan guerrillas with the beautiful natural barrier, struggle with the enemy for five years,

deduce many solemn and stirring story.Folk culture is colorful.The stone house, the wooden house, the wild and unrestrained folk songs, the original and unique life scenery and the colorful folk customs, become a beautiful scenery line of guangfu mountain.

Taoyuan as the hinterland of the scenic spot, is in the qing dynasty to commemorate The Three Kingdoms liu bei, guan yu, zhang fei in taoyuan three bond, the name of the temple.Here, the terrain is high in the north and south, low in the middle, with mountains embedded in the sky and jiaojiahe river crossing from east to west.

Here is a place of natural scenery.The landscape on both sides of the river is like lushan mountain, like huangshan magnificent and elegant, like emei elegant and graceful, like jianmen steep and precipitous, is really xiong, qi, xiu, you set off the brightness, colorful, unified and harmonious, especially to yanziyan peak jungle is amazing.Taoyuan north west miles YanZiYan, here the end of time, the original ecology, size shape such as column more than 30 roots here the peak clump of stone forest,

with more than 50 meters, the most hundreds of meters, some independent, dependent, peak cluster stab into the sky, majestic, magnificent, peak cluster with ancient pine trees, bushes, and the world's rare tree Thoreau, different posture, prosperous one.

Yanziyan west to reach the han xi river, because xiao he after han xin through this name.Here the river buckles the snake, color stone for the bottom, you gorge winding path.Upstream, both rapids turbulence,

xie yubi pool, also have a reflection of the clear waves, lingering jiangtian.Both sides of the green mountains, tens of thousands of acres of forest sea, ancient trees towering, old vines wrapped trees.Black dragon pool, fish cangzi yousui, beautiful.Pleasant landscape, tao ran outside.

Monuments, from the han river west mizoguchi miles, then to mount putuo mountain xiufeng cyclization, cabinet and chic, you rock stray, group of monkey show mountain, natural arch and many south day, green island deeper into the ancient mountains, she take dam poetry between strong jasmine, ray at grand and beautiful, more than 10 below the farmhouse,

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