Lightning Network-routing part


If both transactions are added to this payment channel network, you can use this payment channel network to conduct transactions with any transaction party that joins the Lightning Network. Specifically, after determining the recipient of your transaction, you need to select an intermediate node to construct a route from the initiator to the receiver to complete the transaction. How to establish this path?

[1] Node and channel discovery
It is not enough to know which nodes are currently present and which nodes are connected to this node. You need to know the current network topology, the cost of each payment channel, offline balance, and more information in order to choose the best path that meets the requirements. This requires an implementation of a protocol to synchronize the network topology of the entire network, the cost of the payment channel, the offline balance and other information. Here the Gossip protocol is used to synchronize these information.

Main synchronization node and channel information:

Synchronizing channel information allows us to maintain a network-wide channel network topology for routing selection.

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