The Lasting Mark

Heart speaks to heart
Like the hummingbird dips deep into the hummingbird flower.

Some relationships drift lightly
across our surface, others dig trenches through the heart.

They may stay long and take roost, or come swiftly for a time and leave as quickly as they come, but their essence lingers.

Time no matter, winds of ages cannot alter their stamp.
What is life without these loves?

Indelible the mark are those who drink of us and when they arrive they bear gifts of unmeasured worth.

We hold those closer in a world of strangers who come and know us. Forever they remain a ripple or a wave. Their constance of love cannot be broken.


This is my five minute freewrite using prompt hummingbird flower.
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16.10.2019 22:30

Certainly your poetry has a lot of meaning and leads me to think beyond your words. Thanks for sharing.

16.10.2019 23:59

Thank you @felixgarciap. That is a wonderful compliment.

17.10.2019 00:10

Thank you @wonderwop. Fall is kicking my butt! I had a migraine Tuesday at work and called off Wednesday as I lay and recovered. Back to work today, though and hopefully the evil migraine monster will stay in her cave. Thanks for the prompt delivery!! ❤

17.10.2019 15:00

Debbie gets migraines too but refuses to try Botox. Have you ever tried Botox for migraines?

17.10.2019 15:17

I am on botox and it can help as a preventative, but it is not fool proof. Barometric changes are my trigger. My abortive med is Tramadol and sparingly I use Sumatripan. Last year I was cautioned to use it very sparingly because I was diagnosed with hemeplegic migraine and too much can cause a stroke. 😖 Sometimes I just have to ride it out. I didn't want to try botox although I have been a candidate for years since other preventive meds failed. I do get less migraines as bad as the one Tuesday, but when they hit, one is bad enough. All in all, at least it helps keep me in my job. Saying prayers for her.

17.10.2019 17:10

indeed. what is life without these loves...

18.10.2019 02:27

This is true @mariannewest

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18.10.2019 17:14