The Last Day of My Weekly Allowance


I remember the day I lost my weekly allowance as clearly as if it were yesterday. I was 10 years old.

Dad converted a bread truck into a camper complete with bunk beds on chains. I don't know how I ended up with the keys to that truck, or how I Iost them, but my Dad was clear;
"Find the keys or pay for the new truck starter with your allowance."

That warning came with a caution note; "If you find the keys later, I don't want to know." He was angry.

So, Dad replaced the starter to the truck and I now had to sell my comics to make money to support my word find book addiction.

A few weeks later as we sat down for breakfast, I pulled out the instant oatmeal box. Inside the box I heard a rattle and reaching into the box I pulled out..... a set of keys.

That's ok, I learned real young the value of a dollar and how to earn and saveon it. The moral of the story? Don't take keys to breakfast.


This is my five minute freewrite using prompt Oatmeal

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21.01.2020 01:07

❌STOP❌ spamming everyone's posts! @churchofgod

21.01.2020 01:39

We have the same rules here.
No keys for breakfast and that's why we skip the breakfast.

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21.01.2020 14:07

Excellent story!
Did you remember putting them in the box? I have a strong suspicion your father put them in there once he'd found them so that you would find them. Was he always at breakfast? So many questions I have! A good life's lesson to have learned. Mind your oats, be careful with keys (my father would go ballistic when he couldn't find his keys, and seemed to always think that was my fault) and keep something precious you can sell to raise capital in a hurry.

21.01.2020 14:58

I don't recall if Dad was at breakfast and I often wondered why I even had the keys so I could lose them anyway. That lesson sticks out above many growing up, I guess because I found the keys too late in the end. Thanks for readin @owasco!

21.01.2020 15:58

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21.01.2020 15:17

It's quite amazing how often this sort of thing happens. I see myjob has a similar story.
A few weeks ago my brother went looking for his passport but couldn't find it. We pulled the place apart and even put an ad on line on the local lost-and-found site, but no luck. Yesterday he decided he'd have to report it missing and apply for another one. He put on his good coat, the one he wears for weddings, funerals, and the police station, only to find the passport in the pocket.
He has no idea why or how it got there and is sure he checked it in the initial search.
If I was even a tiny bit crazier than I am I'd swear there's some nutter going around moving everyone's stuff!

21.01.2020 17:34

Oh no! That is the one thing that you hope not to lose. How strange that he would find it in his stress coat!

22.01.2020 10:38

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24.01.2020 01:17