The Human Advantage

Carly sat pouting at dinner.
"Marlo said he was smarter than me at snack time today."

That wasn't nice, Carly," Mom replied.

"He's a digital human, Momma."

Momma cut some chicken and took a bite.

"They're different, Carly."

"I want to be smart like Marlo," Carly cried.

"You're very smart, dear."

"But I can't keep up with Marlo or Maxwell!"

"You have something they can't have, Carly. You have a soul."

"A soul?"

"Yes, that is what a real human has."

Carly poked at her cold broccoli. She lifted her fork and stared at the vegetable.

"Marlo said he will never die, either. He told me all humans who are not digital will die."

"A digital human can't love like we can, Carly."

"I don't like being teased, Momma."

"Remember, darling, that you have a choice to react in a way that will not be mean and you can choose who you make your friends."

Carly pushed back her chair and went to her Momma. Wrapping her arms around her Momma she hugged her and said, "Thank you, Momma, for loving me."

"Just be you, Carly. You will always be enough even in a digital age of humans."


This is my five minute freewrite using prompt digital human
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