Constance - a Freewrite Poem

A well gone deep,
warm amber eyes far reaching
the moon within their grasp.
Earth lies in them;
a mirror betrays, then
dusk becomes sunset.
The world reflects its colors
the light o'er shadows dark.
Amid sorrow, between
joy, a footfall
stays all noise
Peace pervades, falters
standing on a precipice
silent as a statue
a picturesque device
for nothing is before them
though all can hear their voice.

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12.07.2019 19:56

Well written love the poem

12.07.2019 19:57

Thank you very much @naltedtirt.

12.07.2019 20:09

Thank you for the great poem

12.07.2019 20:21

Nice poem. Eyes in photo are beautiful.

13.07.2019 00:52

Thank you for the kind comment @redheadpei.

13.07.2019 14:36

Beautiful writing. I loved it.

13.07.2019 04:17

Thank you so much! @isgledysduarte

13.07.2019 14:33

Love the turn out of your poem/story...Am here to deliver the weekend freewrite prompt

Love to take one at a time
Just pick one from the line
Three in one prompt, for big boys
Write till you're done, win awards
Do have a wonderful weekend and a happy and Blessed Sunday.
13.07.2019 21:32

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