And They're Off! Presque Isle Downs, Erie, PA

Wednesday we took advantage of a midweek day off of work for the Fourth of July holiday here in the states to book a seat for dinner at the Bourben Barrel Restaurant at the Casino. Jeff stopped last week and set a reservation, but somehow we didn't get a seat overlooking the horse racing track. It was our first date at the track so he was put out by that oversight for a short bit, but with our usual aplomb we accepted a table by the many televisions and ordered a tasty meal. I ordered a scrumptious home made chicken pot pie and Jeff ate his usual rare salmon salad.

We experimented with placing bets after a short walk to the paddocks. You cannot enter in without owning a racing license due to high regulations to protect the horses from any foul play.

We placed a bet that insured that if our horse won, placed [2nd] or showed [3rd] we would get a take of the winnings.

Our first horse ended up showing [3rd] so we recouped just $4.00 out of our $12 bet.

We bet on several of the eight races. The names of the horses are all unique since each is registered with their own name.

The horses were paraded around in the circle by the picnic tables where the many race goers sat with family and friends.

There is a method that regular race goers use to try to pick the winners and odds are updated across the screens as each person places new bets.

Our horse won first place of the sixth race netting us $20! We ended up having a fun night at the races. We don't go home big winners, in fact we put back our winnings on placing bets on other horses that lost, but we had a lot of fun and met a few nice people and learned a little bit about how the process works.

I hope you enjoyed our night at the races. I know that we enjoyed the outing and learned a lot along the way!

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