A Sacred Sanctuary


You'll find me in the cleft hidden from the fury.
My heart a vault sealed away
from rage and pointless hate, opens like the sun,
radiant from showers sworn to conquer night.

My footprints washed by tides barely visible by moonlight
like stepstones o'er bridges glowing ever bright.

I've taken to the willows
feeding from the stream
that trickle to the ocean reflecting each sunbeam.

I've carried it all with me
and laid it 'cross the beach. Each shell and stone reflecting like calendars of weeks.

The rocks I skip on water bounce 'long like sprinkled glass.
Pearly iridescent stories;
times once come and passed.

I've notes once folded tightly
by fingers too young hold them fast, when days seemed to be endless, just before their last.


This is my five minute freewrite using prompt cleft.
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@wandrnrose7 Your poetry has impacted all my senses. Receive my affections.

25.01.2020 03:01

Thank you for your kind comments, my friend. ❤

25.01.2020 13:58

I can't write poetry that good without hip pain or the flu!! Hope you feel better soon.

25.01.2020 04:18

Thank you @scribblingramma, you're very sweet. I woke feeling a bit more human this morning so I pray maybe it was a passing virus... I'm waiting to see.

25.01.2020 14:01

Hi. I understand the need to get as far away as you can from it.

25.01.2020 16:38

Yes, we do. Thank you for reading and commenting!

25.01.2020 21:29

Waoh, this poem is really good.

Am here to deliver the weekend Freewrite Prompt.

A single one to mingle
Three in one,
take them one by one

Do have a beautiful weekend.

25.01.2020 17:05

Thank you so much!

25.01.2020 21:28

A beautiful poem for us nature junkies my friend.

25.01.2020 17:57

Thank you!

25.01.2020 21:28

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