Writing Toward a Better You

Morning pages. What are they? It is just a way to clear your head first thing upon waking up in the morning. Don't worry about what to write just dump whatever is on your mind. The typical suggested length is three pages front and back but don't fret if you can't do it. Do what you can. The more you write the better you will get.
Nightly news is similar to morning pages but done at night before going to sleep. It on the other hand is more of a dump of things you did during the day or maybe something that happened and you need to better understand.
I started journaling again today. I'm going to atrempt to journal everyday from now until the end of next year. This will be a way for me to clear anything that may be blocking my creative flow. Who knows? I may ad drawing to creative repertoire.
I have a couple books on my list for reading material. Some of you may have already recieved a hint through my comments on your writing. That's right, it is As A man Thinketh by James Allen. That will be book two as I am already half way through Mari McCarty's Journaling Power. I will attempt to do a chapter by chapter synopsis for both books but for now it is getting late here in my corner of the world and I am feeling sleep coming on.

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