Short-term Steemit Goals Part Two

^ I've got to get my numbers up ^

I missed posting Sunday and posted before I had checked my editing Monday morning. I am going to attempt to post everyday for thirty days followed by my votes and comments.
This weekend was a great learning experience for me here on steemit as I learned that even though I am allotted ten votes, that Steem power also goes into comments and "blog" posts. I hate that word and am trying to make my thoughts understood without repeating the same words over and over when one word can be used interchangeably with another.
Anyway, after going back and doing some checking on the steemit board, I see it may take me a while to accomplish these goals if I'm as limited as I think I am. I have to get my numbers up. I want everyone here to understand I'm NOT in competition with anyone other then myself. I believe in being better then the day before. Let's all kick some but by competing with who we were the day before.

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