One Month: Finding My Place Online

A baby blanket I made. One of many of my creations.

I joined Steem just over a month ago. I have learned a lot lurking in the shadows while upvoting, commenting, and resteeming, seemingly more then creating original content. I have built my reputation in this way while researching and trying to find my place online.
I like Steem but I'm not fond of rules. I adhere to prevent myself from being kicked off the platform.
I have recently come across some interesting folks writing about living in harmony with nature and that follows where I have been attempting to direct myself and others. I have just lacked know how in putting it into words.
Reading the likes of @eco-alex and @ecotrain have given me the boost of inspiration I needed. I am a work in progress and frequently need to psych myself up to put myself and creativity out for others to see.
In closing I will leave you with a tid-bit of what is to come. I am a firm believer in personal growth and the ever present necessity to continue improving one's self.

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We LOVE works in progress and love that you've found us after one short month on steem. Think about answering next week's Question of the Week, and join us in the discord. If we can help, please ask.

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17.09.2019 12:36

Getting familiar with the platform and getting to know some people on it is probably a good way to start. I don't think there are too many rules to fall foul of here, so you should be just fine. You can't exactly be kicked off anyway, your account will always exist.

Look forward to seeing more of your creations.

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17.09.2019 13:19