Learning the Crypto Ropes

I have been looking for a way to earn crypto without having to purchase it. I found a handful of games on Google play. I have only kept two which have netted me about 30,000 satoshi. I know this is an eighth of a Bitcoin but it's a start. Of the games I found on blockchain that interest me they all seem to require already having crypto in order to play.
There are a couple of currencies I would like to get but they are out of my price range so I settled for buying XRP.
I know there are at least half a dozen different places to buy but I felt compelled to use coinbase knowing it is not completely decentralized. I did not however think I would have to jump through so many hoops just to make a purchase. To top it off I have to wait nine days to transfer it to my preferred wallet and even then I'm charged a transfer fee. At this point I feel I was duped and feel kind of dumb for rushing in without doing more research to find something more to my liking and less restrictive.
My hope is that by sharing my experiences in learning blockchain I will be teaching others the ins and outs of how to navigate and what services to avoid at all costs if they truly want to use the blockchain for it's decentralized purpose.

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Thank you. That among other things is my next goal.

24.09.2019 00:31

Keep the good work, never relent, if you have learning something at first, you will definitely find it difficult to understand everything simply because it's a start,but flaws and imperfections or rushing whatever an act from you in order to archive your goals will later become your experience in the long run, keep on with the good work and with your believe and trust in what you choose; things will definitely turn the way you expected.


26.09.2019 01:42