Mindfulness practice - Navigate your Destiny

Practicing mindfulness is really great for us to find mental and physical well-being. I have talked about the different mindful practice before and their benefits. Today I am gonna talk about something different. I call it "Focusing on our future". How can we do that? Let's talk about it.

Do you ever try to see yourself in the future? I mean if you are in 30 do you see yourself in 60? Do you think about your future self? Or do you think it's important to know how you will be in the future depends on your present self? We usually think we are gonna do this or that, change many things in our future. But it's very difficult to process as per our plan. And trying to see our future self can help us to be on the right path.


Future mindfulness, looking forward can bring more power to the individual to have control over themselves. Also for leaders and organizations, it can be a great tool. Now question is how can we do that?. We personally can do 'Mental time Travel'. Like, foresee yourself in the future, at what time you want to see yourself and think about it deeply. Meditation will help you in this process.


Also, prospecting can help. It's better than planning or predicting sometimes. It's like generating an image of what is going on in the future based on what we are doing now. We usually do it in organizations or in business. We certainly can do it in our personal life too. I think this really helps us to create our future image.

This is how I believe we can navigate our destiny.

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