The problems that linger in the story industry has existed for long as a result of the lack of an effective way to tackle the problems. Now there is a shared Protocol that can take up the responsibility to provide solutions and that comes from the storichain network. As this new concept is used, a change and improvement will be seen in the world that entails all of such activities like musical contents and all other forms of literature works.

There is a level which the market has attained in time past and the stagnancy before now. The Industry has been rated to worth as high. As 1.4 trillion but there is need to achieve higher growth to reach about 10% value of its initial value. This growth rate however differs with each country and has to do with population. The growth would be enhaced by this platform that provides a reliable way to relate with the system wading all the problems away and providing greater ideas that must be followed to over the existing challenges. Now there is a stronger profit sharing model at hand that must be trusted.

This setup has prepared a new structure of profit making that is quite useful and beneficial to the creators in this platform. This helps to boost the profit off their stuffs and for getting better compensation.


The companies which either acts as the third parties in this industry and those that form the real creators can derive weekly benefits and compensation in real money which they can get weekly or periodically without any struggle. It also makes it easier to use, putting forward the best medium to function and a writing medium to put their skills to work and generate profit from it. This is a simple way to grow and use all what can enhance their operations in the DLT. There is no high commission to scare users away or an obsolete method of operation. Different authors can easily form partners and collaborate on a project of which the readers get to appropraite as they consume the contents.

The platform forms a very serious contributor to the growth of the system. Makes all the transactions fair and rewards all the participants as they all get involved. This makes the project very productive, protected and trusted to be the number one controller of the Storyindustry based on all the info that are needed and the tools that should be used in the overall operations.

There are personal tools for creativity provided to be used in all the contents that belongs to this sphere, they make storage very easy and promotes very transparent interaction network for the people involved. The tools also aid easy monetization and the rapid growth of the network, making the chart growth as the network should be. The copyright system are fixed and makes protection very easy. It won't be easy for anyone to steal any contents that is not legally theirs ensuring this is set with the smartcontracts that provided the backup. All sort of guides to make perfect materials of literature are available to use, this ensure profit distribution and the growth of the chart which aids the service flow. The STORICHAIN dApps is capable of making all this possible, giving the users the perfect guide to the works that involves the use of stories. The high-spirited team have great insight to how developed the system must be and has provided all what will make that possible through the developers that worked on this network. There is the best protocol for the collection of contents and their distribution. Trust is easily established just as the token TORI is used to achieve other great services in the community. The antitheft policy and other regulations that sets the limit to the use of a contents has been made to ensure no one goes beyond their boundary when using a material.



So by concluding, I would say all has been put in place to achieve a better StoryIndustry and to prevent illegal access to other people's work without getting their approvals. It is very important to be a part of this latest innovation.


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