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center>USD Coin (USDC)

It is the first stable cryptocurrency within the coins system that has all the support of the US state in the first to enter the largest buying and selling platform in th world.

As its nname indicates stable coins that is to say stable currency each coin is equivalent to 1: 1 of a US dollar on the Ethereum blockchain, each token is fully supported by the United States. She was developed in collaboration with Coinbase and the Circleatform.

Under th the underlying technology at the end of the USDC, it should be noted that we can see that the Stable coins are used more by financial institutions every day, we can see their 76 position in CoinMarketCap reaching a market capitalization, $ 85,590,672 USD. It was developed by the companies Coinbase and the Circle platform.

In summary, it is a digital structure that is linked to the US dollar made in the Ethereum blockchain and in the crypto calculations and the Algorand Blockchain as mentioned above, it is backed with a reserve dollar that in turn generalizes the process of the same In different Bitcoin mining companies, what most catches my attention is that this currency is managed by a consortium d Center.

One of its benefits is financially backed by real assets.

  • It offers its investors stability in terms of its market value.
  • Wide field when trading They offer great liquidity thanks to tokenization.
  • This type of currency is created to maintain a price with little variation in the market, which determines that there are reliable currencies within a blockchain.

Thanks to this type of stable currencies in the world of the blockchain it has given a total return in terms of market favorably for each investor.

Thank you professor for your effectiveness I congratulate your responsibility and I admire your dedication.

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