cryptoacademy  homework week 5 to besticofinder/ Criptomoneda Uniswap


This platform that Legends dex largest decentralized dex currently exists with smart contracts and offer liquidity also this exchange works with the ethereum blockchain And this blockchain is the second blockchain made in the market in the history of cryptocurrencies So this exchange could be said to be the record breaker.

The uni token is a governance ERC-20 on the platform used to make decision making on it. This exchange emerged in 2016 by Hayden Adams When it emerged almost the entire ethereum cryptocurrency platform and community gave support to this project.


¿Que soluciona este dex?

Its purpose is to solve all the problems that exist in centralized exchanges, it took power away from the centralized exchanges in the world to give it to smart contracts, so your transactions are sent and received through smart contracts. In addition, these users also provide high liquidity in cryptocurrencies. One of the important and unique things that this exchange allows you to do is to exchange ERC-20 coins for ERC-20 and not just for ether.

This exchange is the best dex in which you can invest because it is by far one of the first decentralized exchanges and the best at present, also its coin is in a high movement in the buy and sell market because it has already been able to enter the big exchanges.

The impact of this platform has been undoubtedly positive, first of all it avoids big losses due to large transaction fees and this has been highly appealing to all investors on this platform. And the token exchange groups have made the platform one of the preferred platforms for the big whales that keep their tolkens here. Added to that with the whale investors obviously comes as well as the uptrend that manipulates this platform.

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Hello @walter2021,
Thank you for submitting homework task 6 ! You have done a fundamental analysis on Uniswap project. This is a very interesting platform and I personally use it frequently too. It has a good future as an Dex . nice work [4]

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