Look Coin is controlling another grown-up themed token and offering virtual land in a city of sexual extravagance, Fantasy.

Energized by its own cryptographic money, "Dream Coin" (FXXX), Fantasy is a completely practical, grown-up account driven blended reality (VR/AR) city broken into 19 themed seedy area of town areas on a definite copy of Mars. Available in VR, AR and on the typical web, the city is a phenomenally structured 'Red Light Strip' where every road is extraordinarily, tantalizingly themed and behind each window lies an alternate dream. In Fantasy, you can pursue your wants and exemplify yourself inside them: be a person, be a young lady, shed your restraints and 'FXXX with your modify inner self'.

Fueled by Fantasy Coin (FXXX), investigate the vivid city of Fantasy as a fantasy spring up; a fantasy where grown-up stars contend to make you the subject of their wants. Venture into their red light window "lofts" and become the star. There is just one catch! You should win enough "Dream" [Fantasy Coin (FXXX)] to remain in the story. In the event that your FXXX runs out, access will be denied and you'll have to gain more to proceed.

In an underlying area offering (ILO) subsidizing an open universe endurance game, Gaze Coin is offering virtual land in this Martian city of extravagance. Advanced as a "virtual break for your modify self image", Fantasy is the base camp for Dream Channel, an open VR universe endurance game, which prizes players in Fantasy Coin (FXXX) for viewing, drawing in and investigating content.

The land deal makes another blockchain-driven model for financing games by selling a limited measure of virtual land inside the game to speculators. Speculators at that point win 'look' (commitment) based prizes from watcher/player commitment happening on their property — enabling property in high rush hour gridlock zones to wind up significant. Property proprietors may likewise utilize an ERC721 'lease' token attached to their property to increase an identifiable portion of incomes earned by inhabitants.


Look Coin innovation rewards property proprietors for client commitment. Proprietors of land, boards, seats or other land in high-traffic zones will get incomes relating to the commitment happening on the land (for example a watcher/player viewing a promotion). On account of VR or WebGL games, Fantasy Coin uses eye following to remunerate players for essentially looking (look activating substance).

Properties in Fantasy are known as Dreamspaces — where dreams, wormholes and substance are put away. Dreamspaces must be bought by either Gaze Coin (ERC20) or Fantasy Coin (ERC20) and after that changed over into an exceptional property ERC721 token. Dreamspace proprietors may either serve their own substance or "lease" the space for others to serve theirs. Proprietors that lease their Dreamspace utilize an ERC721 'lease' token and gain a straightforward income offer charged on all exchanges that happen inside the Dreamspace.


The Fantasy Red Light District pre-deal starts on September sixteenth, 2018 at 12:00pm EST and will last through November 30. "High early afternoon" was picked as it is a similar time as the start of the memorable Oklahoma Land Rush in 1889.

Existing Gaze Coin holders can change over their Gaze Coin into Fantasy Coin (FXXX) and get a programmed greatest reward. They would then be able to decide to either change over these into property or even hold them — as Fantasy Coins will be required to experience content in the Fantasy zone.

Precise subtleties of the restricted time pre-deal are as per the following:

Pre-deal applies to arrive/property in the Fantasy virtual city as it were. There will be a different deal for land in The Dream Channel PUBG game zone sometime in the not too distant future, to be reported.

Purchasers who pre-register by September tenth and buy with Gaze Coin will get a 30% reward. Non Gaze Coin holders must buy Gaze Coin first so as to get the most extreme reward.

Purchasers who don't enlist by September tenth yet at the same time buy with Gaze Coin will get a 20% reward.

Purchasers who buy with Ethereum will get a 10% reward as long as they purchase during the pre-deal period.

An AIRDROP to all those who register by September 10th starts this week. REGISTER HERE:

The following percentages of the total supply of FXXX will go towards our Bounty program -

  • 3% for Top-Tier Bounty0x Campaign:

This entails rewards for independent project review/promotion, such as YouTube videos; independent articles written on prominent publications such as Medium, Steemit, Reddit, etc.; a Telegram referral bounty, website/whitepaper translations, and the general “like, follow and share” type bounties on social media. Bounty types/specifics may cart depending on Bounty0x campaign. Further details TBA.

  • 2.5% for Advertiser Bounty (advertisers giving away FXXX in Fantasy virtual world):
    Advertisers use the FXXX ad platform to place ads on billboards in the FXXX world, users earn FXXX from advertisers by looking at the ads, according to how good they are.
  • 5% Loyalty Bonus Air Drop for GZE holders:
    As mentioned above, there will a loyalty bonus Air drop distributed pro rata.

For more information on the Fantasy land sale, please visit

Bountyox username : oceanpoint

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