US Air Force Collaborates with Blockchain Firm on Big Data Management

The US Air Force has partnered with Constellation, a blockchain firm to help automate its big data management segment. Announcing the partnership yesterday, Constellation revealed that it will be helping the armed force to manage data sources from drones, satellites, and planes, citing a unique use-case for blockchain tech.

The partnership which has been dubbed “Multi-Domain Command and Control” by the Air Force will require Constellation to connect several data silos to enhance interoperability. Additionally, they will be providing real-time overviews and audit of data sources.

Speaking to cryptocurrency news site, CoinDesk, the VP Finance at Constellations, Mathias Goldman told the news site that: “Currently, the data lifecycle is very broken with data storage being siloed while data creation, management, and hygiene is a semi-manual process. The USAF is looking to automate much of their big data initiatives in a secure manner.

Sources went further to reveal that the partnership was birthed six months ago when the US Air Force approached the firm to participate in a big data management solution.

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