How Would You Feel Owning a Part of the Moon?

A new blockchain startup, in honor of Neil Armstrong, is taking an otherwise “giant leap” in its attempt to tokenize the moon. The project dubbed Diana (named after the Roman goddess of the moon) was launched on July 19, and is expected to “secure the possible right of man to the Moon to propose a solution to 'who owns the moon.'”

The team references the ongoing space exploration war amongst tech heavyweights. Although Article II of the UN Outer Space Treaty restricts countries from making a national claim of celestial bodies, including the moon, the Article does not talk about private ownership. Individuals have in the past tried to exploit this loophole in the treaty. Furthermore, some countries like the US are already granting private businesses rights to own and do business on the moon.

The endgame for such centralized setups in often the same – ownership disputes and a possible monopoly of wealth. Diana is trying to shake up this space by building a blockchain-powered lunar registry system which encourages public participation.

The Diana project was birthed to decentralize ownership through group participation (registration) of citizens and an issuance of a Cosmic Crypto Currency to actualize the citizens’ movement for the Moon.

The pioneers of the project will be dividing the moon into over 3.8 billion cells, encoded on a blockchain. Diana also hopes to develop a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and an economy around the moon.

Diana will have two tokens – DIA and MOND. DIA will be issued upon registration and will be used “as a crypto asset to circulate the story of the Moon in everyday life.

DIA is indivisible as it is a proof of registration token. DIA has the role of a certificate showing the state of registration.

MOND, on the other hand, is a transaction token, with 1 MOND being equivalent to $1.

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