Why you should be optimistic?

Optimism can infect.

The optimism that can be contagious must be emitted from the inside, and it illuminates the world while illuminating itself.

Many times when facing these difficulties in life, most people are powerless, can only passively cope. Often the pressure is written on the face, hide in the heart, over time, hurt the body, the disease slowly accumulated.

Sometimes, no matter how afraid you are or no matter how you try to avoid it, it will come when its time. What's left is the attitude towards the dilemma.

When people face things, there is probably optimism and pessimism. For example, you are late for a party. Optimists will think that, although delayed the start, fortunately, able to catch up. The pessimist's attitude will keep thinking about the missed beginning and think that time is wasted.

There was only half a bottle of good wine left at the dinner. The optimist's attitude is fortunate that it is not empty, there is still half a bottle left, I still can taste some; Pessimist's attitude will think that others do not value me, drink without waiting for me? Why is there only half a bottle left?

We all know that we should treat life and others with an optimistic attitude and we should restrain our own pessimistic ideas. But the truth seems to be self-evident because people's character is difficult to change, optimists will also encounter some seeming difficulties making them can not be optimistic; Therefore, there is also a need for empirical research into what optimism can bring tangible benefits.

Why you should be optimistic?source

Empirical research shows that optimists can live 15% longer than pessimists under the same conditions. The study looked at the conclusions of a 30-year study of thousands of people.

According to this conclusion, in order to live a long life, live more than ten years, you need to adjust your frown, keep yourself optimistic.

Social scientists combined two large and long-term empirical studies: one involving 69,744 women in follow-up studies and the other involving 1,429 men.

The subjects completed questionnaires to assess their views on their future.

By controlling physical health, behaviors such as diet and exercise, and other demographic information, the scientists found that the most optimistic women (top 25%) lived 14.9 percent longer than their pessimistic peers.

Men's results were a bit dramatic, with the most optimistic men living an average of 10.9 percent longer than their pessimistic peers.

The most optimistic women were 1.5 times more likely than the most pessimistic women to live to 85, while the most optimistic men were 1.7 times more likely than the most pessimistic men to live beyond 85.

The study was published recently by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists have shown that optimists can promote healthy behaviors every day, such as active exercise and a healthy diet.

Optimism can also help people resist temptation and unhealthy impulses, like smoking and drinking.

Pessimists, who may take a self-absorbed attitude, break the pot, are more likely to take a responsible attitude towards their own health, and more likely to take positive and self-disciplined behavior to restrain themselves for the sake of health.

Optimists can cope better than pessimists with the same stressful dilemmas, choose to pursue long-term goals and endure temporary difficulties, restrain short-term actions that seek shortcuts, and give them more patience and perseverance to deal with challenging situations.

Even if you are a pessimist at the moment, start cheering up.

Because research shows that pessimists can gradually become optimistic under the right guidance.

For your own sake, you need to be optimistic!

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nice post, I agree, mindset can be changed to a more optimistic outlook.

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Hello @WalkinHarmony!! It's impressive to confirm how your mood and attitude in front of the experiences is in close connection with health and life quality. I think we are responsible for our own state and can change or point of view and adapt in the better way to any situation, no doing so is just an alert to review the overall state of body and mind.
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