No time is your biggest lie to yourself

We all have life goals, but those who can achieve them are very little, so, you are one of them?

When we were young, since we had memories, we fantasized about growing up, because we always thought that if we grew up, we will be able to do anything.

Since primary school, we have been asked countless times: "What are your dreams when you grow up?"

“At that time, we always thought that our dreams will come true.”

Entering high school, all kinds of stress from the exams, our parents and teachers preaching, let us have a variety of speculation about the future, began to think about our future, making our own assumptions, define our own life, this is the first time life is closest to us.

In the university era, we with dreams are like a bird in a cage, letting ourselves fly out, as if the world is our own, until the moment when we really step into society.

So, the world is not what we imagined it will be, the dream is only a dream, but we dare not to think much, our dreams are also slowly fade out of our list of life.

It seems that work is all we have, work is everything. No matter where we are, no matter what reason we have, a call from the manager, or an arrangement, we will obey unconditionally.

And what left for ourselves is only a face of fatigue and helplessness, there is a time of hope and disappointment, other than that, as if there is nothing else. Perhaps, retirement is the only goal and dream left of you, maybe...

Is that really the case? Our dreams, our childhood visions, our goals, our meaning in life is only just like that?

Of course not.

Our dream is real, we are just lack of a little persistence!

Our goal is achievable as long as there is an engine to start!

Our meaning of life is always there, but we left it in a corner, need us to rediscover it!

There is no time, no resources, got nothing, these are just the excuses you try to find for yourself.

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If you really don't have time, will you work on the weekend because of a call from your manager?

If you really don't have time, will you accept it without hesitation when someone asks you to see a blockbuster movie?

If you really don't have the resources, would you dig up friends you haven't been in contact with for years to get the job done?

If you really don't have the resources, will you spend a few nights on researching on travel itinerary when you want to travel?

Yes, there are a lot of “if” that happens if you think it's impossible, and there's a lot of “if” that happens in places you've been ignoring.

So, stop lying to yourself, when you say it is impossible, it is just that you don't want to accept it, just as you don't want to put effort into it. If the same thing, is given by your manager, if you’re not able to complete it, you will not get the bonus, what will you do? Can you say it's impossible?

“No time” is your biggest lie to yourself!

In life, we say the most, the best excuse is that there is no time, no time has become a universal excuse.

And the truth is, “there is no time”, is your greatest lie to yourself, not to deceive others!

“No time”, which hinders the infinite possibilities for you to move on.

“No time” limits your innovative thinking on problem-solving.

“No time”, but let time quietly pass by meaninglessly.

“No time”, is your biggest lie to yourself, but also the most irresponsible excuse!

So, what you want to do, do it on the spot, what we need to think, is action, not an excuse to deceive ourselves with "no time"!

Have you ever realize your dreams?

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