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How to improve emotional intelligence?

During your school time, do you feel that you have only a few friends; When you at work, do you feel that you are always unable to help. You want to fall in love but you always find that you can’t find someone, and no one confesses their love to you. You have considered these are not because of IQ problems, but in real life, most properly is because of your emotional intelligence.

the difference in achievement is very different from the degree of effort, so in the relationship with people, when people do things, many have no enough emotional intelligence, can’t properly solve a problem when facing a problem.

Therefore, we should improve our emotional intelligence. So how do we improve our emotional intelligence?

Give friends positive and encouraging responses

When a friend who is in trouble ask you for your help, you should give him a positive response, help if you can, tell him if you can’t help, and then give him some advice, if you can’t provide good advice, then give your friend encouragement and support. In short, at this time your friend just needs you to give him some affirmation.

Control your emotions

Sometimes, when you encounter trouble and frustration in life, you will bring some of the emotions to work. If you face your boss, your colleagues or your customers with bad emotions, how can you achieve good results at work? What you have to do is reasonable control of your emotions, do not bring private feelings to work.

The same reason is also used in life, when your boss is unsatisfied with your work, crowd out by colleagues, customer's difficulties, what you have to do is to find ways to solve these problems, rather than escape from them, and then bring the problems to home, vent your anger to your family. This is not rational and undesirable.

Only by controlling your emotions can we slowly learn to think rationally about problems, solve problems, and not be afraid of them. Harmony with friends, harmony with family, be responsible for your work.

Don't blindly compare

As the saying goes, “we would rather fight with a sensible person than argue with an idiot.” Whether you are the same as others or a fool in the eyes of others, it depends on your own behavior.

Comparing food, cars, houses with others but did not consider whether your family's economic can afford it; comparing wages with others, comparing who gets more with less work done, these are not rational and undesirable.

Even if we want to compare, we should be compared based on our own degree of effort, for the family, based on your labor to get wages, use your wisdom to make your family and your lives better, these are what we should compare, not compare those nihilistic things.

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Respect others opinions

A person with low emotional intelligence has a prominent characteristic is not to respect the opinions of others. Family views will make him feel like they are controlling him; the boss's opinion will make him feel like the boss is interfering in his life; friends' opinions will make him feel that friends are jealous of him. This kind of people lives in their own world, put themselves in the center, and don't respect the opinions of others at all.

Therefore, to become someone with high emotional intelligence, an important point is to learn to respect the opinions of others, seek advice, and then accept those who are in your own interest.

Accepting the opinions of others is not to say that you should accept everything others said, but choose the best, which requires judgment according to your own circumstances.

Be brave enough to admit your mistakes

Many people in life, in their work, even if they make mistakes, they will still be stubborn, not admitting their mistakes. But this behavior will make others think of you badly, over time, no one wants to communicate with you normally. And if you have this kind of behavior, you will easily quarrel with others, originally just a discussion of different views, gradually forget what is being said, but still must convince each other, make each other listen to their own, there is a feeling that you must win.

But often will not achieve this effect, but when communication turned into a quarrel, quarrel might even become a fist-kicking, this result is not what everyone wants to see.

People with high emotional intelligence are indeed more likely to succeed than ordinary people because he can get join in everywhere. When he encounters trouble, his friends are willing to come and help in all directions.

If emotional intelligence is not high enough, even if you have many friends, it is only fake friends. When you encountered problems, they will run faster than rabbits, and not willing to help you. High emotional intelligence also has a little advantage, it can help you make your family more harmonious, less quarrel, more warm, good mutual complaints, more mutual understanding, problems can be solved together.

If your emotional intelligence is high, many problems can be solved, trouble will be lesser and lesser, life will be smoother, you will feel happier.

So, for a better tomorrow, change from today and be a high emotional intelligence person!

Accept yourself is the greatest recognition of yourself

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