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How to get to know someone real appearance?

Last month, I went mountain climbing with my friends. By the time I reached half-way through, I felt that my legs were no longer mine. My friends will help each other at the beginning of the climb, but after reaching halfway, often no one will care for others.

A friend once told me that the joy of climbing is never in the landscape and it is enough to write a book seeing all kinds of passer-by. I didn't believe it before, but this time I deeply experienced it once.

We walked with a group of young people, they are like from the same community in their school. When they first started, everyone was full of energy, talking and laughing. Among them, a warm and lively boy caught my attention, he carried a shoulder bag, his hand is also carrying a plastic bag, full of food, and looks very heavy. But he still takes care of the students that were behind, help them to take things, from time to time ask everyone whether they want to rest.

You will see someone's real appearance in a difficult situation, it is even more obvious during mountain climbing. Everyone's physical strength and willpower are very different, want to reach the end together is not easy. I think it's going to be easier to climb mountains with such a warm-hearted friend around.

But I was wrong. From the middle, the plot is unexpectedly reversed. Everyone is like a frosted eggplant, one by one, dejected, walking hard, not even a word. At this time, that warm-hearted friend's face suddenly became very serious, no matter who speaks to him, he just ignores everyone, while walking while complaining about the female students beside him why brings so many things. Put down might feel humiliated, carrying it feel tired, so he can only complain.

At this time, an unknown boy suddenly came over, smiled at him and handed him a bottle of Coke, took his backpack, patted his shoulder said: "almost there."

Looking at their sweaty look, I can't help but sigh, a person's cultivation will only know when he/she is tired.

Silhouette of hiking man in mountain


Many people are amiable when they are comfortable.

But when comes to the physical and mental exhaustion, able to understand the suffering of others, is kindness deep into the bone.

Some people, when they are tired, they only see themselves in their eyes, you can’t expect them to cheer you up, you might also need to appease their bad temper. And for the others, no matter how tired they are, they understand your difficulties, even if they can’t help you, at least they won’t give you any trouble.

In daily life, shopping, eating, driving, you will always see someone is quarreling, and the busier the place, the more the people are quarreling. Some people who usually talk nicely, when they get tired, they will expose their true face.

When refreshed, everyone is willing to help, only when they were exhausted, we can see a person's cultivation. The better the cultivation of people, the stronger their self-control. The so-called self-control is nothing but not using your experience to punish others only.

Business partners that cooperated for many years, because of a little profit, both parties are not willing to give in; long-known old colleagues, because of a little difference of opinion started throwing profanity; And there are many people diligent work for many years, and ultimately lost to a sleepless night ... ... Many of these unpleasantnesses occur at the most exhausting moment.

Of course, the well-cultivated people are not God, they will also be tired, also need comfort.

However, they know how to deal with their wounds when they are tired, rather than casually throwing their bad feelings at others.

Many people say that when we are exhausted, our behavior is not controlled by the brain, but by the emotions, moods, and even the way we look at the world become softened.

But the hardest moment sparking a segment between people.

Like mountain climbing, during the first half, everyone is having a good time, only when reaching the end and exhaustion can see the difference.

And this gap is not only how fast you can reach the top, but more importantly, how you reach the finish line. Because this behavior is a person cultivation deep into the bone.

When you feel tired, please don't obey your heart easily

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