Feeling stressed and tired at work?

In the workplace, people are busy every day and need to consider a variety of complex interpersonal relationships, unfinished work during the day, stay up late at night to finish projects, sometimes feel really tired.

Although working is physically and mentally exhausting, we are afraid to slack off. Especially when the economic situation is not optimistic, many large companies have taken the line of layoffs, more people are trying to keep their own jobs, even their job is abusing them.

Since you have chosen to continue to work, it is not good to be physically and mentally exhausted. Here are a few ways to help you reduce stress.

Change your mindset

First of all, I want to state that our own happiness is our own business, not related to others.

There is no cure that can cure everything in this world, just like you are reading this post, not to say that reading this can make you happy, but we have to try to change our mentality. Sometimes we get tired because we are too careful.

We shouldn't be held hostage by the environment, as Nietzsche says: You should figure out the script for your life, you're not a sequel to your parents, not your child's prequel, and not your friend extra story. You are you, and you need to be bold and adventurous in your life because sooner or later you will lose it.

The work in company is often results-oriented, all based on the results. But we have to pay attention to the process, the results are important, but the process of step by step pursuing the results is more important. Like marriage, the process of pursuit is love.

In fact, a lot of times, the more work you have, the happier you become. When work is not much, you feel very tired. To put it bluntly, if you feel tired, you are tired. You feel relaxed when you're relaxed.

Tired and not during work, 10% from work, 90% from how you look at work. Your mind determines your behavior, and behavior determines the outcome you get.

The so-called situation, if the leadership first laid a mat, said that your work is doing well, he prepared to entrust a big project, and give a more important and cumbersome work, will you gladly accept it?

And when the leader said that a colleague recently had a family affair, there is a very important job temporarily arranged for you, and pass back the task to him when he came back. You're not very reluctant to accept it.

The same workload, the first case, you feel good, feel that doing a good job, have chances to get promotion and increase in salary, full of motivation, you will also feel that success is very easy!

And the second situation, you think this work is not flattering, you have your own work, but still need to take care of others' work, feel very tired to work.

Since you have to work, there will certainly be a task, if there is nothing to do, then it means that you are going downhill, which is not a good phenomenon. The next step after busy will be results one after another, as long as the priorities, orderly work, positive attitude, will emerge more and better ideas.

Utilization of pressure

In fact, work pressure is not harmful, as long as we accept it psychologically, the use of appropriate pressure can help us work more efficiently.

If your employer criticizes you, it shows that you still have the value of transformation, and the employer will not criticize someone who is useless to himself.

Do you have such an experience, in the early stage of a project, everyone is not under great pressure, because there is still a long time to work on, low efficiency. When nearing the end, the pressure began to rise, this time everyone thinking will be more active, and more efficient.

Stress is not completely useless. Sometimes it can be converted into power. Like a spring, if you don't apply pressure, it can't achieve value.

Work without stress, the value will be relatively reduced. The more pressure, the more you will meet the difficulties, just like a caterpillar turned into a butterfly. The pressure is like you have to cross a wall, you have to throw the backpack over first.

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Accept different

Sometimes our anger comes from ourselves, not our colleagues. Working is already busy every day, and bad relationships can only make you feel worse.

Because of our values, from the primary school is nothing but right and wrong, and few people tell us that you are surrounded by a diverse world. There are introverted and extroverted, you do not like to be a flatterer, but some people like.

Everyone's values are different so that the world is colorful. Like a fruit salad, it is better to have different fruits. When different personalities and practices come together, the company can be guaranteed to move forward smoothly.

Relationships at work can have friends or enemies, but there will be no eternal friends or enemies.

Good relationships come from respect. You respect others, and others will respect you. Whether it is physical or mental work, it is worthy of respect. In addition to the principle of the bottom line of things that cannot touch, the rest is really taking a step back, don’t add worry to yourself.

We all have common interests, in a department, we can’t fight all day, no employer wants an internal fight. You respect the fruits of others' labor, listen more to other people's ideas, and have a natural rapport with colleagues.

We all sell our strength and brainpower in exchange for money, and no one is nobler than anyone else. Don't label colleagues and treat them with empathy.

Don't pursue the perfection of relationships, you can never satisfy everyone. Everyone is a cooperative relationship, when you do your job, it is helping others. In the workplace, depending on the interests, friends or enemies can be converted. Thinking this way will make you less tiring.

Good interpersonal relationships can relieve stress at work. Some of the worries can be told to colleagues, and the stress will be halved.

Look for meaning

Work is an expression of self-worth, and when your work helps others, you find meaning.

Don't take into account the immediate gains and losses, take a long-term view to find meaning. In the process of work, you can help other departments, can get your own growth.

When people forget about self-growth, work is the life of Walking Dead. The work you've done is not promising. If you forget about self-growth, you will certainly feel that the work is not motivated.

Learn a new skill every day, write a diary to record your success today's small things, accumulated more, you will have a sense of accomplishment. Do you feel tired when meaning and sense of accomplishment fill your job?

Appropriate focus on other people's opinions.

The world is each according to his lights; everyone has his own taste. If you often take other people's ideas to heart, it will also increase the psychological burden.

Do you remember this classic story? The father and son led a donkey into town. At first, the father riding a donkey, son walking in the back, pedestrians on the road said that the father was hard-hearted, he rode the donkey and let his son walk; Then another pedestrian said, this son is unfilial, riding the donkey his own and let his father walks at the back;

The son gets down from the donkey, and led the donkey away, this time someone said, These two are really silly, rather walk than riding the donkey; In the end, the father and son didn't know what to do with the donkey.

No matter what words you hear in the workplace, you should have perseverance and ask yourself if your first intention is kind, then don't care what others say. There are many things in this world that don't have to be true, and you don't have to pay attention to it.

Others' criticism, you laugh it away; when you are good enough, this kind of gossip will naturally be gone.

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