The Wild Wonderful Greenhouse & Healing with a Slice of Gratitude


A while back I promised to share some photos and details on what we are growing in the greenhouse. I injured my hips/back/spirit around that time and have not been allowed to touch the greenhouse or gardens for a few weeks.

Somehow I've managed to just trust that things will be fine (with me and the garden) and they are fine. I am slowly healing and look a lot healthier than I have in a while. I even tried out acupuncture. I've never spent money on myself for treatments (of any kind) before and the choices for alternative healing are incredibly limited where we live. Did it help? I am honestly not sure but I'll share more on that later.


It turns out I was working myself to complete exhaustion and I'd been hurting for quite a while, just pushing through it like the stubborn mule that I am. This ordeal has taught me a lot and today I am more at peace and working on a plan for prevention because I have learned from this.

I am grateful to have had support from friends (thank you @riverflows) and from my husband who has had to carry things on his own. I am grateful for the hot days mingled with thirst-quenching thundershowers because however wild everything is it is also quite lush and beautiful and no one has had to water the gardens in weeks.

I went out for a quick look at things today. There are insects everywhere. Some good, some bad (cucumber beetles - little teeny monsters) but everything seems to be doing quite fine without me and that has me wondering why I feel the need to control things so much. A hummingbird even stopped by the greenhouse to feast as I stood at the wild jungle before me and holy smokes - the greenhouse is so messy and chaotic and although I would love to spend a few days working in there, I am finding this natural wild growth quite fascinating.

What's Growing in the Greenhouse?

There are tomatoes, peppers, nasturtium, kale, basil, winter savory (perennial)

The tomatoes are just wild. Usually, I'd tend them a lot more because in a few weeks they will double in size and then eventually they'll take up all the space in the greenhouse - things are going to get really wild and interesting at this rate. I wonder if all this crowding will reduce productivity or if I've been working hard at something that needed to just be left alone? I wonder if I can resist taming it?


There are also beans (bush and pole) and sunflowers that we didn't plant.

  • We used the greenhouse to dry beans because of an early frost and ...well, now we've got the most amazing massive bushes of beans I've ever seen.
  • I don't even know where the sunflower came from but it is massive and I am wondering if it will stop growing before it hits the roof.
  • The tomatoes don't seem to mind the beans twined all around them and everything is very dark green so I am wondering if the beans are contributing to this?
  • The tomatoes are so crowded by the beans but everything is growing well.


Purslane, lambsquarter, Thistles, and other "wild plants" are also mixed in. I don't usually let them grow in the greenhouse because we've got plenty everywhere else. The straw keeps the weeds a bit under control while helping to hold in moisture but we live in what you might consider a wild and wonderful meadow surrounded by forest and those seeds are amazing travelers.



Some blackberries from the main garden have tunneled their way underground and into the greenhouse. I find this quite amusing and I love blackberries.



My sidekick Molly and the heavily burdened arbor made from sticks and twigs. It sort of looks how I felt a few weeks ago ...broken and bent. This dog has not left my side in weeks and it is quite lovely to have another being watching over you with such love.


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Loved seeing your greenhouse! I have a small volunteer sunflower that just flowered.

Are the small red flowers runner bean flowers?

I had a wonderful accupuncturist a few years back and she helped me with the terrific pain of trigeminal neuralgia. But she moved to Florida. :(( I do hope yours has helped in the end.

15.07.2019 00:20

it could be nasturtium or beans that you are seeing because there are a variety of colors of both in the greenhouse right now including orange/red. I am still torn on if I am going to continue treatment, a full week between appointments seems too long plus the long pothole-riddled drive to and from was torture. trigeminal neuralgia sounds AWFUL!

15.07.2019 01:18


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15.07.2019 00:28

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine!

I'm so sorry to hear about your back. It can be frustrating when you see so much to be done but I'm happy your family care so much to give you strict orders not to work in the garden. I've taken on the attitude that I'll get done what I get done and I'll get what I get and that's okay! For I would work myself to exhaustion too! Mother nature can surprise us some times as you are seeing in your greenhouse. That is quite a mixture you have there! It will be interesting to see if it effects the productivity. Take care and I'm hoping you recover soon!

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15.07.2019 00:58

I haven't even been able to look past the second picture before I had to say that I absolutely loved the way you structured the greenhouse, with the plywood bracing, genius!!!

15.07.2019 01:25

It is certainly a strong greenhouse - has to be in our climate!

18.07.2019 12:51

I'm helping my neighbor put her little greenhouse together, she's building a fort lol, has the whole bottom part made from pallets. We're in a flood zone and their place was hit pretty bad by Harvey, it only floods on our side of the street and she's been through a few floods by now, so she's not playing around. When I make ours it'll be exactly like your is built, mostly because it'll be on a small hill with plenty of open field around it for strong gusts of wind to form.

19.07.2019 01:23

Oh i love the wild and lush gardens!! What amazing abundance you have growing. I am happy to hear you are healing. You've been on my mind. What amazing progress and learning unfolding. Totally awesome. Everything is in perfect harmony 🎶❤🌻

15.07.2019 03:46

There's been a lot of time for observation and study so my mind is not idle at least. I hope you are having a happy summer!

18.07.2019 12:49

How beautiful that Molly hadn't left your side. What a honey.

It must be so tough not being out in your beautiful garden. I do love the lesson here that the garden DOES survive without you - amazing - a lesson in letting go a little. I try to tell Jamie the same about the housework - don't worry babe, it'll be done by Friday night without you... lol.

Let it be, let it be, let it be. Everything is perfect.

15.07.2019 04:57

She is the sweetest friend. Letting go ... such a good mindset. Still working on it!

18.07.2019 12:48

Lovely to hear that you have had support, encouragement and help during your recovery. So often it does (unfortunately) take an 'accident' or 'injury' to reveal the unhealthy fatigue and burnout lurking beneath.

I'm seeing your healthy, thriving greenhouse as a metaphor for that part of you inside which is protected and thriving now too.

Much love from Thailand.

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15.07.2019 05:17

Well said and lovely metaphor, it lifted my heart. Thank you!

16.07.2019 11:26

it really is so hard for some of us to put ourselves first, but your body has send you a very strong message. You need to take time for you and allow others to help you out. I think rest is really the best medicine but that is so hard when you are usually very active, sending you lots of healing and love . Your greenhouse looks amazing xx

16.07.2019 10:22

It's been terribly hard and worrying because what if it never heals? I know it will, I am believing in myself that way and I know I have the determination to figure out how to make myself stronger and prevent it from happening again but it's really made me face the fact that I am getting older, and I need to focus more on listening to my body. No fun but could always be worse!

18.07.2019 12:07

I hear you, my shoulder is taking ages to heal and is a constant reminder that yes my body is ageing. I think we both need to just be more gentle with ourselves. I really think I need to start doing yoga or something like that to help strengthen . Be patient I know it has been a while already, just build yourself up slowly. Sending you lots of love and healing xx

19.07.2019 15:20

LOVE your nasturtium back there peeking out!
This is the first year I have planted this flower and I absolutely LOVE how they are looking here too!

18.07.2019 11:25

I planted them once and they just re-seed every year which is neat because I never quite know where they will pop up. We use the leaves and the flowers in salads and I've been meaning to research other uses for them. Apparently, you can make a "mock" caper by pickling the seeds but I am sure there is more.

18.07.2019 12:04